Located at Chegunta, Nizamabad Highway (NH-44) on over 400 acres, Our Farmlands and resorts are an excellent destination for your whole family including kids and elders to take a break from bustling city life. Surrounded by water bodies, Rocky Mountains and Rich Flora & fauna, The project is designed to bring you closer to natural living. The uniqueness of Tripura Inland is the availability of vast open water. It lets your whole family experience adventurous water sports like Kayaking and Paddle Boating in the middle of a breathtaking environment. The amenities are developed with the help of experts in the field. Trained supervisors are deployed and safety gear is provided to make your recreational time safe and secured.


The survival of humanity is intricately tied to the Earth's well-being, as our origin and sustenance rely on its functioning ecosystem. Without known alternatives, we must cherish and protect our unique living planet. Urgent action is essential to rectify our past errors and pave the way for a transformative, economically advantageous future.

Living within the means of our planet

Our demands exceed the Earth's capacity, with our ecological footprint surpassing renewal rates by 73%. The consequences are evident: deforestation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, air pollution, and avoidable climate change. It is essential for every individual, regardless of background or location, to unite in this urgent and imperative mission to save our planet.

Water is life

While 70% of Earth's surface is water, only 2.5% is freshwater, with a mere 0.26% /available for sustaining life. Population growth and pollution jeopardize this limited resource. To avert the water crisis, we must embrace innovative thinking and rectify past decisions that endanger
our present and future.

A nation that destroys its soil will destroy itself in return

Soil erosion degrades soil health, diminishes agricultural productivity, and intensifies droughts and floods. Losing 2-3 centimeters of topsoil, which takes centuries to form, in a single heavy rainfall can jeopardize crop yields by up to 10% by 2050, threatening food security and underscoring the urgency of combating soil erosion.

Forests please more than the eye

Forests serve as vital air purifiers, absorbing significant amounts of harmful emissions and enhancing air quality. Their serene ambiance and natural
elements, including greenery and fresh air, promote emotional well-being and a sense of vitality, inviting us to embrace
authentic living

When ecosystems thrive, we thrive

Embrace innovation for a thriving ecosystem, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and circularity. Tripura Constructions fosters a proactive,
environmentally conscious approach in the construction industry, providing green solutions and
shaping a future.

Thank Earth and plant a tree

Tripura Constructions envisions fostering eco-friendly communities and empowering individuals to contribute to a greener future. Through carefully planned tree-planting initiatives and establishment of a stable near-natural environment, we aim to generate fresh air, freshwater resources, and a thriving habitat, fostering a sense of serenity and belonging.



Experience the thrill of kayaking at Tripura Resort & Farmlands in open waters. A kayak is a small, low-to-the-water canoe-like boat used to traverse the water. This daring sport allows individuals to move forward using a double-bladed paddle in a rotational motion. Kayaking is an exciting activity suitable for people of all ages, except for children. kayakin is a killer workout that relaxes the mind and provides numerous benefits. Come and grab your dose of adventure on the water!


Another adventure at Tripura Inland is Paddle Boating. A Pedalo or Paddle Boat is used in this adventure. It is a water sport. The paddle boat is a small human-powered watercraft propelled by the action of pedals turning a paddle wheel, usually by two persons. It is fun to enjoy the cool and refreshing air over water and the mesmerizing views. Enjoy the most adventurous and thrilling experience with excellent safety measures at Tripura Inland.



Sports Village

Club House


Swimming Pool


Curbing Stones

BT Roads

24/7 Security

Drip Irrigation

House Choices

Organic Farming

Venue Plantation

Layout Fencing

Layout Design As Per Vaastu

Children Play Area

Mango & Guava Plants

Function & Party Area

Yoga & Meditation Hall

3 Years Free Maintainence

Sufficient Ground Water


Site Plan



51 kms from Medchal

55 kms from ORR-Hyderabad

95 kms from Nizamabad

09 km from Chegunta

28 kms from Toopran

38 kms from Kamareddy

Tripura Inland Farmlands At Chegunta

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